Frequently Asked Questions

Ceelo is a dating app that allows users to meet people in Africa. Whether you’re looking to go on dates, find friendships, or a soul mate, Ceelo lets you connect with people all around you.

Ceelo works by connecting you to men and women in various African countries where you chose a match and social activities based on your mood.

Ceelo provides you with a list of the date locations near you to choose from. To spice up your conversation, you can also share gifts, airtime top-ups or send money to your match through your Ceelo wallet.

Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Malawi, Chad, Tanzania, Zambia, Morocco, Cameroon, Cape Verde, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, São Tomé and Príncipe, Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Gambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leon

We have a strict policy on data security and that is why we stand as a middle man between you and your match. On Ceelo you can request and accept gifts without sharing your personal data, at least until you trust your match enough to do so. Every message between you and your match is end-to-end encrypted and can’t be shared without your consent.

African women and men looking to go on dates, looking for friendships and true love.

To avoid catfishing and fake profiles, Ceelo verifies all its users by using facial recognition to run background checks when they signup. We protect you from fraud and scams by standing as a middleman between you and your match to safeguard your personal information.

Ceelo is a free dating and social platform.

You can match and connect with people based on your mood; whether it's to go clubbing, to the movies or go see the games. We curate a list of the best date locations for you and your match to choose from on Ceelo Places. You can send or request money from your match without sharing your personal data/information.

Download Ceelo on the play store or google play. Sign up by going through the verification process then start matching and dating.

On Appstore and Google Playstore.

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